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Institution of Adoption of an Object

April 15, 2022April 15, 2022No comments

Adopt a Historical Object of the Museum


How the institution of the adoption of an object works?


In the Museum there are over 220 objects that come from the Holy Utensils of the Monasteries of Cappadocia. Historical and Sacred objects that with the time and suffering of the transport from Cappadocia in 1924 suffered a lot of damage and need maintenance and final rescue until their exhibition.

By adopting one of them, it means that the interested party undertakes the financial support and together with the conservators and the managers of the Museum, step by step, the whole process that concerns the certification – dating of the object, its cleaning and its final report to Museum. The contractor of the object is first of all provided with all the Historical data concerning the object and its photograph, as well as the budget of the expenses that he undertakes until his final rescue report. The subscription follows the process from the beginning with the respective payroll gradually.

The contractor monitors this process and is informed by us after the completion of each stage of rehabilitation, until the final report, where it will be listed along with all the details and the name of the contractor.

The contractor can continue to support the object and this money will be strictly intended for the next needs of the object.

In this way the object is saved and the joy and satisfaction of the contractor is sure to make him an active member of the friends of the Museum, even from afar.

Let us all put a little stone, to save our ancestral heritage.

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