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An Important Donation

May 23, 2022June 16, 2022No comments

The Ceramics Donation of the Siniosoglou family
The Historical and Ethnological Museum of Greek Cappadocian Culture in Nea Karvali enriched its collection of pottery from Cappadocia with eight remarkable pottery donated by the descendant of the famous Cappadocian family Ioannis Siniosoglou.

The Siniosoglou family, originally from Zidirdere, Caesarea, strongly defended the Greek community and engaged in trade. In Caesarea the family was the protector and benefactor of the Diocese of Caesarea. Symeonakis Siniosoglou contributed to the construction and operation of the “Central Cappadocian Orphanage” of the Holy Monastery of Timios Prodromos but also of the Monastery and the operation of the Schools of Caesarea.

In Istanbul, where its headquarters are located, the Siniosoglou family became a Great Benefactor of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. During the Patriarchate of the Ecumenical Patriarch Joachim III, in 1902, the late great-grandfather of John, Symeonakis Siniosoglou, financed the construction and operation of the Patriarchal Orphanage and the girls’ school of the First Island in Prigipos.

After the exchange of populations in 1924, the family operated the Siniosoglou family’s workshop in Nea Ionia, Athens, and later, after the Second World War, a well-known shipbuilding and repair company in Piraeus.

Today’s donation was preceded by a donation of all the family heirlooms of the family that are exhibited, in our unique Museum, the Center for Cappadocian Studies.

Thanks to the family of the benefactors.

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